neon – April 1999

The first waiting for her… CD was neon. It was recorded in late 1998 and early 1999. The drums were recorded onto a 4-track tape recorder in a house that the drummer and I were renting. Those tapes were then taken to my work (at radio station KKBQ-FM), dumped into a ProTools system, and then each of the instruments and vocals were recorded direct into ProTools.

The mixes were burned to a CD and taken to a Houston duplication company, where we got 100 copies made on CD-R, with black printing on the front of the CD. The cover was printed somewhere else and the dupe company packaged it all together for us.

The quality isn’t great, but I still think it sounds okay for a band that was only together for a few months. The only real issue is that the drum mix was stuck at how I dumped them into ProTools, so there are some bad level, especially the snare drum in places.

I’m Alright

Coming Around

Wish Me

leave me alone


die with ME




coming around (remix)

Two ‘waiting for her…’ videos

Secret Crushes

created in 1999 using video editing software that VERY basic. I don’t remember the name, but you couldn’t do real-time previews, so to align the video and audio, you had to guess about the timing and render every few seconds to check it. Considering my computer wasn’t the fastest, by the end of the 2 and 1/2 minutes, it was taking about 1/2 hour for each render. Much of the footage was taken during our recording sessions with Joe Omulchuck for the “boldly going nowhere” cassette ep.

Ever Song

This was shot and edited while I was working at an advertising and production agency, using a Beta SP camera and a Media 100 editing system. The Beta SP shots were from a gig at Sidecar Pub, and intermixed with some camcorder footage from a show in Beaumont. The Beaumont show had the guy who was painted all silver. I also used some video that is in the Secret Crushes video.