Welcome to issue 3 of the
waiting for her...
e-mail newsletter -6/15/99

waiting for her... is a pop/rock band from Houston, TX
get more info at http://www.waitingforher.com

The Big Show(s)

This Friday, June 18th, we are returning to The Sidecar Pub (www.sidecarpub.com).
It's going to be a headlining show and we should be playing about 2 hours, with all the
'waiting for her...' "hits". We'll go on stage around 11pm, but get there early because
The Meredith Miller Band from Dallas will be opening...and they're very cool. Plus,
you'll want to get a prime spot in the mosh pit. (just kidding)
Also, make sure you bring an extra 7 bucks...because we will have CDs for sale.
You should also pick up a couple of extra CDs for all your friends and family....they
make excellent Christmas gifts.


In The News

This Wednesday, grab a copy of the latest 'Houston's Other' paper. It should have
an ultra-cool article about the band, our history, and our future.
It's a free paper, and is available all over the place...I usually get mine from
either Soundwaves or Blockbuster Music (or whatever they're called now). I've also
seen them at House of Pies...and many other fine establishments.
Be sure to cut out the article, laminate it, and put it on your wall for all to see.


The Future

We've got shows coming up in July at Mary Jane's and Instant Karma. We're also starting to get shows out-of-town.
Check out the website for up-to-date info.

When checking out the website...make sure to sign the "guestbook", so we
know that you were there.


Until next time...