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waiting for her...
e-mail newsletter -5/9/99

waiting for her... is a pop/rock band from Houston, TX


The Big Show(s)

Our shows at PJ's and the Sidecar Pub were wildly successful. Thanks to everyone who came out. The show at PJ's brought close to 200 people through the door…and PJ himself was happy that everyone was drinking.

Coming up, we've got a show this Thursday, May 13th at Instant Karma. We'll be playing a 45 minute set, beginning around 9:30 or 10pm, so everyone should be able to get home in time to get a good night's sleep. (or you can skip work/school the next day, and stay out all night). The club is located at 1617 Richmond, between Montrose and Shepherd.

After that, we're playing June 18th at The Sidecar Pub (www.sidecarpub.com) with the Meredith Miller Band from Dallas. We had a great time playing there in April, so this should be an excellent show. Mark it on your calendars, NOW!!!

More shows are being booked daily, so hopefully you'll find one you can attend. Of course, you SHOULD be at EVERY show. But we understand…


Tragedy Strike the Band

As it sometimes happens, 'waiting for her…' was robbed a few weeks back. After our April 23rd show, we had taken our equipment back to our rehearsal space… then when we returned the following Monday, we found out that someone had broken in and stolen our P.A. and some other equipment. We filed a police report, but we'll probably never get the stuff back. In all, we lost about $1200 worth of equipment.

All I have to say is… " there's bunch of savages in this town".


The Future

Shows are being booked ALL summer. Look for us to play Rudyard's, Mary Jane's, PJ's, and many other places. We're also starting to get shows out-of-town.

If you want to see 'waiting for her…' in the news, pick up the May issues of Urban Beat Magazine, and Music News Magazine.


Until next time...