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waiting for her... is a pop/rock band from Houston, TX
get more info at http://www.waitingforher.com


This Thursday, August 26th at Instant Karma (1617 Richmond).
We'll go on at 10pm and play for about an hour. Other bands
on the bill are The Westbury Squares and Deep Ella, both are
extremely cool. This should be a great night for music.

Then waiting for her… hits the road!
Over Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4th to be exact, we're playing
in San Marcos, TX at Café on the Square. If you've got friends
or family in or around San Marcos…let 'em know. Or just
drive yourself there, because it's sure to be a crazy night.

After the San Marcos show, we'll be taking a little break to
work on song-writing and recording.

But don't worry…all is not lost…because…
October 2nd, 1999…Mary Jane's.

We're putting together a GREAT show! Newsletter #6 will
have more info.

The (recent) Past

The past couple of months have been a blast.
We had great turn-outs for our show with Living with Hancel at
Rudyard's…and for our show with Sinister Sirens at the Sidecar.
Thanks to everyone for coming out.

And if you didn't notice during those shows…there's a new face
behind the drum set.
Please welcome…STEVE!!! (applause and cheering)

The Future

waiting for her… is taking a month-long hiatus during September.
We'll be working on some new songs…as well as, begin recording
our second CD. There's some interesting things going on with the
new CD…plus, we're putting together a distribution deal (meaning: you
can buy it at Wherehouse Music or Soundwaves).

Web sites to check out:
NoDrama Records: our record label- www.nodramarecords.com
our MP3 site - www.mp3.com/waitingforher

until next time….