Welcome to the fourth issue of the
waiting for her...

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waiting for her... is a pop/rock band from Houston, TX
get more info at http://www.waitingforher.com

Hey everybody - as many of you know, Terry has been on vacation
for the last week and an half, so Dave is doing this months newsletter...


This month, w4h is big on Thursdays with TWO shows back-to-back !
On Thursday July 8th the band debuts at Mary Jane's - 4216
Washington Ave. We hope to have some other bands, clubs and
newspapers representing at that show, so come on out. Also,
w4h will return to Instant Karma for a show with "Hip Circle" on
July 15th. Both shows start at 10 p.m.. so don't miss 'em.


Thanks to all who made it out to our June 18th show at the
Sidecar Pub ! w4h rocked the evening and life moves on . . .


Look out for possible bigger showcase gigs later this month,
including July 29th at Rudyard's (with "Red Line Seven" and
"Living w/ Hancel") and also July 31st at the Sidecar Pub (with
"Joe King Carrasco").

The band also plans to start touring Texas and is currently
lining up dates at clubs in Ft. Worth, Dallas, Corpus Christi
& San Marcos ! (you know you will read it first here)


waiting for her has recently moved into a new practice space
so hopefully the security issues will clear up. . . Also, w4h's
good friend Chris has been filling in for us on drums this summer,
but is now getting busy planning his April wedding. The band
will be auditioning drummers throughout July and August (if you
know anyone, send them our way !) . . . Finally, special thanks
to Houston's Other for the great article last month - the band
will continue to try to work with any and all news agencies
(sorry, my a**-kissing plug for the band)