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'waiting for her...'
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This Friday, May 26th, 'w4h...' plays at
Instant Karma with Steamroller (from Austin).
The show will start at 10:30pm...and we're the
second band.

It's going to be a special show, because we're
saying goodbye to a close friend of ours, who
is moving far, far away to the evil city of
New York. Some of you may know Chris Jones...
so come on out and wish him well. On top of
that he'll be giving all has, as our drummer
for the evening.

But I must dispell some rumours, "waiting for her..."
is NOT calling it quits. We're alright, we just need
to find (and break in) a new drummer. Our 5th, in the
ever moving carousel of drummers. So this show will be
the last for a couple of months, until we put all the
pieces back together. But we will make NO excuses, we
WILL be back soon...and better than ever.

And once our new drummer is in place (whoever it may be),
we will be begin serious work on our full-length CD.


By the way.....I've sprinkled titles (or bits of titles)
of our songs within the message...and if you can
identify all of the songs, and e-mail us back with
your answers...you will get a FREE bumper sticker
at the show (they're all the rage in Paris)....
try ' http://www.waitingforher.com/music.html ' for a
little help.

Well that's enough stupidity for now...take care...
and see you on Friday!





the quiz answers (from the top):

1. goodbye
2. giving all that i have
3. dispelling rumours
4. i'm alright
5. carousel
6. pieces
7. excuses
8. (possibly) better girls , but that wasn't intentional