neon – remastered

I found an original copy of the “neon” CD from “waiting for her…”.

I’m also trying to remaster the audio as best I can. Using some tools to separate the tracks, I’ve pulled them into Logic to smooth out the mix a little. The only non-original audio is the kick drum in some places, where I have it triggering a sample. Here my attempt at the first 3 songs…

01 – I’m Alright
02 – Coming Around
03 – Wish Me

would you care for a hamburger? – Summer 1992

Before the summer of 1992, Dave and Terry decided to form a band while on break from school. Terry called Chris, a drummer they had played with briefly during the spring of 1991 and he was up for it. Soon after getting into Houston they scheduled the first practice.  Dave suggested his friend from college Danny play guitar, with Terry on bass (mostly), Chris on drums, and Dave on vocals and keyboards… with Ray C. on sax and bongos.

After choosing the name ‘mr. lizardman’, our first gig was June 9 at a run-down, little bar on White Oak called Locals. After that we played a “Breakin Out” night at Zelda’s,  then more shows at Zelda’s and Fitzgerald’s.  We even opened for “Little Sister” in October. It was toward the end of the summer that we recorded our only demo/ep/whatever, “would you care for a hamburger?”. It was recorded and mixed over 8 hours at “Stinky’s Studios”, a 16 track studio next to Fitzgerald’s, with Terry on guitar and bass, Dave on vocals and keyboards, and Chris on drums.

Both the name ‘mr. lizardman’ and ‘would you care for a hamburger?’ were taken from quotes from Paul Reubens’ character in Cheech and Chongs “Nice Dreams”.


Box Around Your Heart

Open Up Your Mind


neon – April 1999

The first waiting for her… CD was neon. It was recorded in late 1998 and early 1999. The drums were recorded onto a 4-track tape recorder in a house that the drummer and I were renting. Those tapes were then taken to my work (at radio station KKBQ-FM), dumped into a ProTools system, and then each of the instruments and vocals were recorded direct into ProTools.

The mixes were burned to a CD and taken to a Houston duplication company, where we got 100 copies made on CD-R, with black printing on the front of the CD. The cover was printed somewhere else and the dupe company packaged it all together for us.

The quality isn’t great, but I still think it sounds okay for a band that was only together for a few months. The only real issue is that the drum mix was stuck at how I dumped them into ProTools, so there are some bad level, especially the snare drum in places.

I’m Alright

Coming Around

Wish Me

leave me alone


die with ME




coming around (remix)