waiting for her...
e-news letter: issue #11


go to www.waitingforher.com for
more information about the band



This is it!!! Friday, March 24th at
Instant Karma (1617 Richmond Ave.),
waiting for her..." releases their
new four-song EP 'boldly going nowhere'.

And if THAT'S not enough reason to come
out, look who is also on the bill...
Secret Sunday - one of our favorite groups
and also a band from New Orleans, Motorway.

The EP will cost $3 or $5 for two. But
there will be plenty of free tapes
given out during the night. How will
they be given out?...you’ll have to show
up and see.



"waiting for her..." has many road shows
over the next few months for all of our
out-of-town fans.

This Saturday, March 25th, we’ll be in
College Station for the North by Northgate
Music Festival (www.nxng.com). Our time
slot is 10:30pm at The Crooked Path. There
are a lot of great bands playing during the
weekend so a good time can be had by all.

Then March 31st, everyone in the "Big-D"
(and I do mean Dallas) can head over to the
Across the Street Bar to check us out. We’ll
be playing all night.

And if you’ve got nothing to do on April Fools
Night and you want to just "hang out" with
the band (not a gig, just a chance to chill),
we’ll all be at Red Bloods in Deep Ellum for
the CD release of Dallas band "Eden Automatic".
In fact, you should just plan to take that
Monday off, because there’s NO way you’ll
have recovered from the weekend.

There’s a LOT of other shows planned, so
go to our website for all the latest info.


That’s all for this month.

If you can’t make it to a show to pick up an
EP...go to our website for details on how
you can get it mailed to you.

Thanks for everyone’s support.

waiting for her...