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waiting for her...
e-news letter: issue #12


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We’ve taken a brief time off because of illness
and prior commitments, but we’re back...healthy
and ready to go.

This Thursday...May 4th...At Instant Karma. We’ll
be playing with SenseField. They were (until
recently) signed with Warner Bros., but they’ll
be signing with another major label, very soon.
Go to " sensefield.net ", to hear some of their
music....I really like them.

The show is going to start early...like 9pm...
so make sure you don’t miss any of it. Instant
Karma is located at 1617 Richmond.



This Friday...May 5th. We’ll be back in College
Station at Sweet Eugene’s. All of our A&M
friends say it is a very cool place...but that’s
about all I know about the show. If you’re in
the A&M area...you’ll have to call the club to
get any details.

May 20th...we’ll be at Fat Ted’s in Dallas.
It’s in Deep Ellum on Commerce. And we’ll be
playing all night.

May 26th...back in Houston at Instant Karma.
I don’t know who the other bands are, yet...
but Karma always does a good job putting
together their shows. So we probably WON’T
be playing with a Swedish Death Metal band.
(of course, I wouldn’t be opposed to that)

And finally...June 6th...Mary Jane’s in Houston.
More info. on this show in the next newsletter.


That's all for this month.
If you can't make it to a show to pick up an
EP...go to our website for details on how
you can get it mailed to you.

Thanks for everyone's support.

waiting for her...