welcome to
waiting for her...
e-newsletter #13

for more info. about the band, go to
or http://www.mp3.com/waitingforher

A lot of new e-mail addresses have been added recently...either
from old sign-up sheets or from other's suggestions... so to all the
new folk... Hi! Welcome...we hope you enjoy our monthly foray
into stupidity and entertainment.

For all the old folks... thanks for not removing your name from the list.

And to all the people that removed their names from
the list .... shame on you!!!


The Houston Press music award nominees were announced this
last week... and low-and-behold "waiting for her..." was nowhere
to be found. We were at least hoping for best female vocalist, if
not best new band .... but we got nothing. (Of course, we really
weren't expecting to win... just be nominated)

Now your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to
go to: http://www.houstonpress.com/hpma2000/ ...then write-in
"waiting for her..." for EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY.... just kidding.
Actually, we want to focus on Myla as best female vocalist (cuz' Myla's voice sure is pretty).
And if you're so inclined... best new band.

If you don't live in Houston...
what have you got to lose? (I voted in the Dallas Observer awards ... and
put our name in any category where I wasn't putting another band...
like 'best rap band: waiting for her...') So that's that. We would be
forever in your debt. once again:

Myla (from "waiting for her") - best female vocal

SHOWS ... ok actually just one show.

July 7th, 2000 The Sidecar Pub ( http://www.sidecarpub.com ) 9:00pm with Feel.
We've got a new drummer, Boris, and a ton of new songs .. so this will be a
good one. If you want free tickets.. e-mail us and we'll work something out.

by the way, did I mention:
Myla (from waiting for her...) - best female vocal.

One last thing .....
Myla - best female vocal

Ok, Ok ..... I'm done. And if you're still reading ... bravo!

thanks for all support, everyone. you guys "rawk"!

look on the bright side of life,
---"waiting for her..."