Newsletter vs. 4.75

To all our friends, and unintended recipients of this newsletter

and Salutations. By request I (myla) am writing this edition of our
little newsletter. Actually, everyone else is too busy.

At this juncture in the journey of "waiting for her..." all is well. OK,
most everything is well. I have to no avail tried to convince Terry
that the band "America" wrote "Horse with no name". Neil Young only
co-wrote it.

This topic is open for comments - although I am still convinced I'm
right. We are desperaetly seeking Susan. We need to ask her if she
has a brother who plays drums. Ok, I am way to silly today. Back to the business at hand.

1. We need a full time drummer - preferably without a history of

2. We have a show this week.
     a. Thursday 29, 1999 Rudyards 1020 Waugh 10pm.

To keep this on a lighter note I would like to include band trivia. You
know, little known facts about the band members themselves.
Did you know that Dave makes the best Pina Coladas ever? (dad, they are non-alcoholic.)
Did you know Terry has a peculiar passion for room temperature Dr.Peppers?
Did you know that Myla's favorite Muppet is Rizzo the Rat? Not that I'm partial to rodents.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Instant Karma show. We had a great turnout!!!
Special thanks to Duckett, my queen.

Hope to see you this week at the big shows.
A full and proper newsletter will be issued as soon as the band reads this one.

They love us in Japan-

by the way....
check out ' http://www.mp3.com/waitingforher '
go download some of our music and make us feel cool...new songs are being added daily.